The 7 Pillars of Vocal Mastery

Take Your Singing to the Next Level

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Frustrated with a Limited Range? Craving More Power and Vocal Control? Hit a Wall with Your Singing?

Sing Higher With No Strain

Learn how to develop, strengthen and blend your head voice to eliminate vocal strain and breathy tone.

No More Vocal Breaks

Sick of the gaping hole in the middle of your range?  Learn how to combine resonance to sing through your range without embarrasing vocal breaks.

Perfect Your Pitch

There's nothing more frustrating than having a great range, awesome tone and terrible pitch!  Learn how to fine tune your voice and really enjoy your singing.

I'm a Confident Professional Singer.... But I Learnt the Hard Way!


Introducing The 7 Pillars of Vocal Mastery

A Vocal Course For Advanced Singers

I designed a quick course specifically for singers who have had a bit of experience but are wanting to take their voice to a new level.  I've been in the trenches as a performer and vocal coach for 20 years.  I know what works and what will produce results fast.  I have condensed 20 years of experience into a daily routine that will help you sing with more power, a solid range, the agility of a vocal acrobat, improved pitch control while still maintaining your individual style.

Here's a Breakdown of Each Pillar

Pillar One:  Breathing and Onset

In this pillar you will learn the ideal relationship between your airflow and vocal cords.  Discover the three vocal attacks and which one you should be using to eliminate a breathy tone and distorted cords.

Pillar Two: Shaping Vocal Tone

In this pillar I will show you how to sing with more power and vocal colour.  We will focus on the resonance of your throat and how you can use it to improve and blend your tone.  Your neighbours may send me hate mail for the exercises in this pillar but they work like a charm!

Pillar Three:  Purity of Head Voice

I wish I had learnt how to strengthen and blend my head voice as a beginner singer as it is key to eliminating nasty vocal breaks.  I will be showing you how to sustain and manipulate resonance in your higher range.  Say goodbye to strain and breathy falsetto!

Pillar Four:   Depth of Chest Voice

As singers we like to spend a lot of time in the higher part of our range.  The high notes get the cheers right?  Our lower range often gets neglected which can lead to an imbalanced tone.  You will learn how to sustain your lowest notes and add warmth to your tone.

Pillar Five:  Power of Mixed Voice

In this pillar you will learn how to blend your resonators to create a balanced and power mixed voice.  We will be working on both lower and higher mix to smooth out the tricky transition areas of your voice.

Pillar Six:  Vocal Flexibility

In this pillar you will be put through your paces with some exercises to test and develop vocal flexibility.  It's great to have a solid vocal range but you will need to be able to move through your "Vocal Gears" quickly and efficiently.  If you are wanting to sing complex fast riffs and runs you will have some fun!

Pillar Seven:  Perfecting Your Pitch

In this pillar you are going to work on improving your pitch.  Having a "Pitchy Voice" can undo all of the hard work you put in to improve the range and tone quality of your singing.  The exercises are designed to fine tune your voice so that you can sing confidently as a technically awesome singer.

So What is Included?

The 7 Pillars of Vocal Mastery is an online course. There is no physical CD or DVD set to deliver. This keeps the cost lower for you and it also means that you can access the content straight away. Each Pillar will include a demonstration video (me talking about and doing the exercises) and a download section where you can access the mp3 exercises for each pillar. I have included both a male and female version of the routine for you to download.

You Want Bonuses?

Let me sweeten the deal for you!

Access To Ian

Each pillar page has a comments section where you can ask me (Ian AKA Aussie Vocal Coach) questions related to each pillar.  My time is very limited with my busy schedule so I give priority to my members. ($200 Value)

Video Feedback

As a member you will receive a complimentary analysis report for one video or mp3 recording.  This will give you insight into what areas of your singing you need to work on most. ($100 Value)

Two Bonus Routines

The 7 Pillars of Vocal Mastery is designed as a daily vocal routine to improve your singing.  It's also important to warm up and down to stretch your voice and to keep it healthy.  You will recieve both as a bonus.  ($37 Value)

Bonus Access To My Private Facebook Group

One of the best ways to learn and improve is to immerse yourself with like minded people.  I have created a private Facebook where you can ask questions, upload videos, support and encourage other singers.  As a Vocal Mastery member you will receive complimentary access.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you will love the 7 Pillars of Vocal Mastery and see great results with your voice that I'm offering a Money Back 60 Day Guarantee.  You can put the routine to the test for 2 months and if you aren't satisfied I will refund you the full price plus let you keep everything that you download.  It's a risk free investment.

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