How Do I Sing Better? Creating A Focused Tone.

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Hi.  Ian Castle here.  Welcome to your free weekly singing lesson and mp3 download.

Today I want to teach you how to sing with a focused vocal tone.
First we need to determine the difference between a focused and unfocused tone.
Your tone can be affected by many things.  In a previous video lesson I showed you how your jaw can affect how your voice sounds.  If it holds tension or gets stuck in one place it will affect your tone in a bad way.
The same can be said about your tongue.  If you hold tension in your tongue or have it in the wrong position when you sing it will cause your tone to become distorted and unfocused.
Refer To The Video For A Demonstration
In that demonstration I applied tension to my tongue and made it move back in my mouth.
Now I want to demonstrate how a relaxed and forward tongue will create a much more focused and better sounding tone.
Refer To The Video For A Demonstration.
Could you hear the difference?
Keeping your tongue forward in your mouth creates space in your throat and the perfect shape for your sound to form your natural vocal tone.
The mp3 exercise I am going to share with you goes like this:
Refer To Video For A Demonstration.
The Y or YUH sound at the beginning of each vowel will help to keep your tongue in the perfect position and shape to create a focused and natural vocal tone.
You can access the downloadable mp3 of that exercise at my blog.  You can find a link to it in the resource area below.
That’s it for this weeks free singing lesson and mp3.  I’ll be back soon with another lesson for you.  Bye for now.


An Exercise For Creating A Focused Tone:

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Download The Exercise (Right click and save).

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Singing Lesson: Learn To Sing With A Consistent Tone

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This Singing Lesson is taken from my February Masterclass.

A consistent vocal tone depends on the quality and consistency of your air flow. Something that I see with a lot of singers is too much focus on single notes or words.

In this lesson you will learn my favourite techniques for creating a consistent tone.

Click HERE for access to the entire February Masterclass

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