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I’m excited to announce some major changes and improvements to Aussie Vocal Coach but first I want to tell you what I have been doing the past couple of years and how it has really affected my ability to produce videos for my YouTube channel, why I’m sitting in an empty, dusty work shed writing to you, and how you can help launch Aussie Vocal Coach to new heights and receive massive discounts on my products.

Back in 2009 when I first started making videos for YouTube I was coaching from home. I had a dedicated filming room that I could literally walk into, press record and produce daily videos, and I had plenty of time as I didn’t have children!

When our first daughter Aria was born in 2012 my filming room had to make way for the nursery and with the added fatherhood duties Aussie Vocal Coach ground to a halt. In 2013 we sold our house and moved into a smaller apartment to save some money, I rented another building to coach from and also started to produce albums and music videos for local singers and bands.

In 2014 I tried to make a comeback to Aussie Vocal Coach as Aria had started going to daycare one day a week which allowed me to have a whole day to just focus on uploading videos. I managed to get a few new ones uploaded but Aria was having a tough time settling into daycare so Aussie Vocal Coach day became Daddy Aria day.

At the same time my wife was pregnant with our second child Symphony who was born at the end of November last year. We made some major changes in our lives to make sure the happiness and development of our children was our priority. We moved to a 5 acre property and I cut back on my coaching and work hours to spend more time at home with my growing family.

My dream is to be able to get back into producing YouTube videos like I was back in the early days while still being able to devote time to my family and business. The only way I can do that is to have a dedicated Aussie Vocal coach studio at home. That brings me to why I’m sitting in a dusty old shed. I want to convert this shed which is on our property into Aussie Vocal Coach Head Quarters featuring a permanent filming area, an editing room and Skype lesson capabilities.

Having a dedicated space like this will make it so much easier to provide you with consistent video lessons. The thing is I need your help to get the studio built. I need to raise some money for the construction costs and equipment as I can’t afford to do it by myself. I’m launching a crowd funding campaign so if you would like to contribute to the project I would appreciate it immensely.

As a thank you to those that contribute I will be offering my paid products at various contribution levels. So not only will you be helping to launch Aussie Vocal Coach 2.0 but you will effectively be getting access to my products at greatly reduced prices as a thank you. Think of it as a massive sale if you like except unlike most sales the money is going straight back into providing you with the best vocal training on the internet!  I actually really hate sales and discounting my work but I’m happy to do this as it’s going towards a great cause, your vocal training!




 The Aussie Vocal Coach X Factor Video Series

90 Minutes of Video Lessons

Demonstrations, Exercises and Song Applications

Perfect For Singers Wanting to Add More Style To Their Singing

How To Use Vocal Fry To Sing Crazy High Notes

The 3 Different Types Of Vocal Energy

The Key Ingredients To Belting Safely

How To Develop and Use Vibrato

Get The Edge By Implementing Tempo and Dynamic Contrast

The Aussie Vocal Coach Ultimate Vocal Warm Up

4 Vocal Routines Including Video Demonstrations and Mp3 Exercises

A Complete Vocal Work Out

Discover The 5 Major Aspects of a Perfect Warm Up

The Secret Ingredient That Will Allow You to Sing With More Power

Learn My Emergency Warm Up When I am Sick or Fatigued and Have to Perform

Bonus 15 Minute Breathing Routine

Bonus Ebook “What I Didn’t Learn From My Singing Teacher But Wish I Had”

Perfect For Performers

Aussie Vocal Coach Mp3 Course

33 Mp3 Exercises

Male and Female Demonstrations

15 Minute Breathing Routine

Bonus Masterclass Track

How To Sing Resonant Low Notes

Strengthen Mixed Voice

Increase Your Range

Fix Nasty Breaks In Your Voice

You Want Combo Packages?

 All of the videos and pages have now been made mobile friendly so there’s no concerns about not being able to view the lessons.

All of the video and audio is in digital format and accessible online.  There is no physical product to ship.


If you have ever wanted to purchase my products now is a great time to save a lot of money and help me make AVC bigger and better.

All of my products have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so if you aren’t happy with your product I’ll gladly give you a refund and

let you keep the product as a thank you.  On top of that I’m going to deliver a personal promise that I will upload at least one new video

to YouTube every week once the studio is finished.  If I break that promise I want you to ask for your money back as I am sincere when I say that the contributions

are going towards the future of Aussie Vocal Coach and your vocal training.


I am very keen to get started with the construction of the studio so I will be limiting this special offer and stopping the campaign on Monday 22nd June. After that the prices for my products will go back to normal.


I know for a lot of you it has been a while since you heard from me. It probably seemed like I dropped off the face of the planet. I want you to know where I’m at and what I have been doing so you understand my absence. I’m older, wiser, I have less hair and bags under my eyes from years of sleep deprivation but I have a lot to share as a vocal coach and mentor so I’m hoping you will follow me on this renewed journey.


Your Coach





If you need to ask me a question please leave a comment below.


5 Responses to “AVC Head Quarters Campaign”
  1. Agnes says:

    Hi Ian,
    I am trying to make the transition from singing operatic arias and light operetta and musical theatre to singing with a big band and eventually softer Jazz. I currently sing with a big band as well as sing and play keyboard in a contemporary worship band at church. While being a stay at home Mom for 26 years I tried to keep up my singing up but I am finding it difficult to get back into the discipline of practicing efficiently. I am 55 years old and I struggle with lack of energy as well as the inability to change my style of singing. I continue to sound like an opera singer no matter what I try. I am very frustrated with both of these issues. I would appreciate any advice that you may have to offer. Just Fyi My range is a Bb an octave and whole step below mid C up to Eb 2 octaves and a minor 3rd above mid C. Which tapes would best help me out?

  2. Andrew says:

    Good Day Ian Castle,

    I have a question in regards to your last statement, “I am very keen to get started with the construction of the studio so I will be limiting this special offer and stopping the campaign on Monday 22nd June.”

    Currently I am one of your students, have bought your AVC Mp3 Course And Bonuses and do appreciate these video and audio deals… My question is as follows:

    Would it be all right with you if you extended the deadline of these deals to the end of the month due to mainly people getting paid? For example, such as the VA paying Veterans for going to school?

    (I’m currently attending a university, but won’t see further funds till June 30th)


  3. Aussie Vocal Coach says:

    Hi Andrew. Yes that’s fine. I put the deadline a week from now as image a couple if weeks off from late June to do the work. You can always email me when you have the funds and I can arrange something for you.

  4. John says:

    Hi Ian,
    I’m in the same boat as Andrew regards not having funds at the present to avail myself of your offer – mundane things like being reliant on a pension and car rego insurance coming up. I would like to take advantage of your full offer, ideally by sending $35 next week and $32 2 weeks later, (pension every 2 weeks) with supply of the lessons after the last payment.
    I’m not sure how this could be achieved, but if you could let me know by an Email, if this would be acceptable.

  5. Luis Fernando says:

    Ian, i’m really interested in help you, and of course, doing that will help me. How do I purchase the courses? Only credit card?

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