The Ultimate Vocal Warm Up Series

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The Aussie Vocal Coach

Ultimate Vocal Warm Up

Video and Audio Course

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You will receive 4 Vocal Routines.

Each routine has a Demonstration Video Lesson which can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer.

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5 Responses to “The Ultimate Vocal Warm Up Series”
  1. Aishwarya says:

    You are Amazing!!!!

  2. wayne says:

    Hi Ian

  3. Auanitra Aiken says:

    You Rock I learn so much

  4. omar says:

    since I’m a truck driver I spent many houers drivinng I will like to konw if you have cd,s of your unique sistem available I will love to practice on the road!

  5. Geoff Wilson says:

    Dear Ian:

    I am 68 and have done quite a bit of singing over the years, not as a professional but as an amatuer.

    Sometimes I am in good voice, at other times not so good, and I have had no teacher for quite some years. However, I still practise regularly and perform regular concerts for various folk at day centres and the like. In fact I have a concert on Monday.

    Having said that though, I do have some long-standing vocal deficiencies after a catastrophic vocal collapse in 1995, undoubtedly through poor technique. I am trying to work though these difficulties, and among the exercises that helped is the lip trill which I now practice before doing other exercises and songs.

    My difficulty is that I practise in a room at the opposite end of the house to where my wife does her thing which has nothing to do with singing, and indeed she closes all of the doors when I practice, which is on most days.

    Unfortunately, my computer — on which I play your video clips, with my earphones on — is at the wrong end of the house. For that reason I am wondering if you have your lessons in CD format which would allow me to practise in my singing room?

    I already have quite a few exercise CDs, tapes, and several books on singing. I daresay they have all been helpful to some degree as I beleive your program would be likewise helpful.

    Perhaps you could advise.


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