How To Sing Higher Notes

March 9, 2011 by  
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In today’s vocal tip I am going to show you how to sing higher notes by modifying your vowels.

If you have been struggling with mix or head voice it could be a problem with your vowels.

Please post your comments and questions below.

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4 Responses to “How To Sing Higher Notes”
  1. lawrence says:

    yes, dropping jaw to sing high!

  2. Ted says:

    Thank you! This helps in trying to shape the vowels, specifically the word “Day.” Another thing that I noticed is that I am moving my head up, hit some notes. I’m not having tension it just feels like that’s what I have to do to sort of open up that spot. I’m not sure how to explain that.

    I do want to mention something that I was able to correct. I mentioned this problem in a previous email. It’s kind of like learning how to talk all over again! Another thing is that I want to mention that I am doing the excercises consistantly, and there has been a world of difference in my sound!

    Thank you so much Ian! What you have given away in comparison to other sites claiming to help … In my opinion, this is the best! You’re definitely on the right track! Talk to you soon!

  3. Aussie Vocal Coach says:

    Thanks for the update Ted. It’s great to hear my lessons are making a difference.

    Ian :)


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