Come BackStage With Your Coach

December 13, 2009 by  
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I recently did a series of concerts for our local band with a friend of mine, Amanda Gordon (you get to meet her in the video).  We did some filming backstage to give you an idea of what life is like for a professional singer.  *Warning* Extreme silliness involved!

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7 Responses to “Come BackStage With Your Coach”
  1. Dattaprasad says:

    Lol (ok, not that loud… but loud enough to qualify as laughing). That sounded like a lot of fun. Amanda was awesome. Looking forward to more such videos, Ian.

  2. Aussie Vocal Coach says:

    Yes it was a lot of fun (both the filming and the performance). I have 2 more performance videos to upload from a concert I did last weekend.

  3. Dattaprasad says:

    Feel bad for musicians though… they have to be confined to their seats… while you can dance and move around freely as the music guides.

  4. tandanus says:

    A pair of Christmas hams :-)
    But dude…what are you wearing on your feet?!!!
    Top stuff – Love it :-)

  5. Aussie Vocal Coach says:

    Hahaha I often get comments about my choice of footwear. Just trying to stand out from the crowd I guess :)

  6. Dattaprasad says:

    Just saw ‘Carol on the Parks’ performances on Youtube… as far as I could tell, it was good. (But can’t appreciate fully as I didn’t grow up in a christmassy atmosphere)

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